Two Dance Music Related CrowdFunding Projects That Deserve Your Attention, One Involving A Bionic DJ.

I wanted to toss these out there. I’m not usually one to directly hawk shit, but it seems both of these things are for a good cause. The first, is an update to the story I posted last week here. There’s a campaign out to raise money to help pay for the treatment he needs for his terminal cancer and to make his life a bit less shit in his final months. It’s linked below, and feel free to give up some spare change if you’ve got any and liked the kid’s story.

The second one is a bit more outlandish but kind of amazing. A DJ was the victim of a traumatic car accident and lost his primary arm. They’re raising money to buy an advanced prosthetic for him so he can…become the world’s first DJ with an artificial hand? I’m really intrigued, and frankly, getting a prosthetic for someone without an arm is always a good thing. The guy they’re raising money for doesn’t seem to be promoting it, and his friends are attempting to do something nice for him. Figured I’d help them out.


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