Patrick Stewart, Gurney Halleck & Mood.

Patrick Stewart, Gurney Halleck & Mood.

Just in case you weren’t aware Patrick Stewart played the Swordmaster of the House Atreides in the hilariously bad 70’s Dune. He (and Sting’s thong) were arguably the highlights of that film. Do the work, even if you’re not in the mood. The fight won’t care whether you’re ready or not.

Banksy Invokes Kelly Rowland & Gladiator

Banksy Invokes Kelly Rowland & Gladiator

Banksy’s NYC residency is chugging along, with his work providing its own form of local artist stimulus to the Bronx & Brooklyn, while annoying Manhattanites with random art sales & mooing animal trucks. He commented on his usage of (somewhat) trite slogans in his work, and we should all take note.

BREAKING: Space Formerly Occupied By Limelight Is BACK! First Event October 30th!

Update: The page is up! Get tickets & RSVP!

And without warning, a French restaurant rose from the grave (yea, it’s actually in the graveyard outside the church I think) of the Limelight, rose just in time for Halloween. Is Michael Alig out of jail yet? He and we all just may be able to get a table at the restaurant in the space now. But more importantly, on October 30th, YentalBeats (previously raved about here) and a bunch of other church-crashers are apparently dropping a 9PM “till late” event. It’s close enough to Halloween, and I guarantee the place will be thick even on a Wednesday. Here’s the new place: Gentlemen, start your engines. And make sure those engines sound like mid-to-late 90’s techno, trance & acid house for an added bonus. Will update this page once the event is up. We’re not sure how much of the space is still going to be used, and if we’ll even be able to get inside, but hey, what else is the internet for besides bringing you ridiculous news like this 😀 And Now that we’ve got the finalized lineup, make sure to check out the mixes from Yentalbeats, FDVM, Lee Kalt, Gato & Bass Control. Hard hitting. Get out there and start celebrating Devil’s Night.

Hometown Fire: Yellow@TheLight

My boy, Yellow@TheLight had a particularly amazing weekend last week at Pacha, shutting down the main room, Sunday morning. He’s constructed a taste of his signature Pacha sound for everyone who missed it, a set filled with anthem house, progressive cuts, dirty electro and even some funky grooves. There’s a whole lot of what makes PACHA great in this VIP after-mix that he put back together for us after getting home from the club. Besides starting with the astonishing “Dance Bitch,” there’s a smooth set of transitions through club track and hit one after another. He’s got all the connections, the producing chops and the DJ skills to really break out. If you’ve not heard of this kid yet, you will. Get into it:

Tiesto Makes Trance & It’s Wonderful. Yes, Really.

Tiesto, the man behind Club Life, In Search of Sunrise, the Parade of Athletes at the 2004 Summer Olympics and pushing the Adagio for Strings back into the ears of everyone who was even semi-conscious in the mid-oughts, has dropped a trance track. Any serious trance fan would understand how earth-shattering of an occurrence this is. The trance is 7min long, it’s gorgeous, there’s this wonderful, familiar production values that remind stunningly of In Search of Sunrise #1. Listen and remember that, for all the shit people talk, he said he’d drop a trance track in thanks for the support he got in the DJMAG awards. He was also given the Legend Award, which, while it’s not the #1 that Hardwell received, he thanked his fans just the same. Good of him, and please, everyone, yell about how good this is, so he stops playing electro and returns to his joyous trance roots.