Mix Of The Weekend: Above & Beyond – Ferry Corsten’s Guest Mix

Ferry Corsten - Above & Beyond Guest MixFerry is one of the greatest trance legends still innovating & still climbing. Up there with PVD, Tiesto (before the fall) & Armin, he’s been consistently generating dope trance since before I graduated from high school. This quick 30min mix he did for Above & Beyond is framing his latest EP, of which was my soundtrack for the month if you missed it. The mix is a refreshingly non-anthem trance set, with one unidentified track that I now can’t wait to identify. If it’s snowing where you are, hopefully this helps you warm up a bit.

A Brief History Of Trance (2014 Edition)

(This is a repost/expansion of a post I did last year at EDMTunes. Give them some love & help me thank them for giving me the opportunity to yell in long form on the internet about music people don’t listen to anymore)

As fans of Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and others can tell you, Trance has been around, but it’s been a while since it’s been at the forefront of the dance music consciousness. But how long has it been around for, and how did it get here? I’d like to take you on a brief trip, from Trance’s humble beginnings, through its boom around the millenium & all the way up to New Years 2014.

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Playlist Of The Weekend: White Raver Rafting’s Insane TomorrowWorld Playlist!

Damn. 10+ hours of music, dedicated to the festival that’s happening again here in the good old USA in just over 50 days. If you want to know what the kids are listening to, or if you just have hours and hours to kill with some of the biggest tracks of the season, White Raver Rafting has got you covered. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to these tunes, but with hits from Avicii, Bassnectar, Garrix, Diplo, Zedd, Tiesto, Datsik, A-Trak, Richie Hawtin, Nervo, Ferry Corsten IN JUST THE FIRST HOUR ALONE, I think you know where this is going. Tons of music, to put into your face during your August cookouts and basement DJ sessions.

Midnight Music: Tiesto’s Uplifting Remix of Buffalo Bill By Moxie Raia

If you look up sugary anthem trance in the dictionary, right there under Robert Miles & Darude, you’d see some of Tiesto’s most successful work. The Club Life podcast has showcased his slow shift into the middle space between trance, house & electro, but this anthem gets into your head and doesn’t leave. It’s big room pixie stick progressive at its best. So if you’re fretting work tomorrow, or you had to work today, crank it and let this take you away for a few more minutes.

Midnight Music: Gouryella by Gouryella (Ferry Corsten + Tiesto)

This week for the Throwback Thursday edition of Midnight Music, I’m delighted to present a track that’s started getting radio play again. Ferry Corsten has started putting it back into his sets after a huge request for it during his weekly mix show. It shot back up in the Beatport trance charts and I’ve started to hear it again. This collaboration between two of the hottest names in trance was an instant classic that you’ll love. Also, check out my favorite Gouryella track from after Tiesto had left the group, Ligaya, which is Filipino for “happiness.”

Midnight Music: Tiesto & Kaskade – Only You ft. Haley

Tonight, I wanted to celebrate a rather delicious track that I totally forgot existed. In 2010, Tiesto hung out with Kaskade long enough for the two of them to create one of the better, but under-received hits of that year. Kaskade’s smooth atmospheric house came together with Tiesto’s ever progressing signature sound. It was trance-y, but not too far out away from the euphoria the masses crave. It’s a great listen, and definitely a pick me up when you need one. Welcome to tomorrow!

Tiesto Makes Trance & It’s Wonderful. Yes, Really.

Tiesto, the man behind Club Life, In Search of Sunrise, the Parade of Athletes at the 2004 Summer Olympics and pushing the Adagio for Strings back into the ears of everyone who was even semi-conscious in the mid-oughts, has dropped a trance track. Any serious trance fan would understand how earth-shattering of an occurrence this is. The trance is 7min long, it’s gorgeous, there’s this wonderful, familiar production values that remind stunningly of In Search of Sunrise #1. Listen and remember that, for all the shit people talk, he said he’d drop a trance track in thanks for the support he got in the DJMAG awards. He was also given the Legend Award, which, while it’s not the #1 that Hardwell received, he thanked his fans just the same. Good of him, and please, everyone, yell about how good this is, so he stops playing electro and returns to his joyous trance roots.