3 Duets Between Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury To Be Released!

NME is reporting that 3 duets that were made back in 1983 by Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson are still being worked on and should be released in about two months. Brian May has stated that they’re still being worked on and will be “something for folks to hear.” I gotta say I’m excited, because that would be some high-flying shit. Apparently also, Freddie Mercury thought Michael Jackson was a llama (in the article), so that’s pretty good too. (via NME)

Unsound Festival Bans Recording Devices/Phones/Cameras; Crowd’s Artistry Emerges!

Unsound Festival in Poland recently took the draconian step of banning phones and cameras from the event to prevent the wall of people with rectangles in front of their faces from happening. It seems some in the crowd took the challenge and did some amazing stuff. Check out the art and Unsound Festival in Poland! (art during/of RSS Boys & Pantha du Prince, via Stoney Roads)

Deadmau5: Fuckmylife, Tumblr, Twitter & Holden Caulfield

(I wrote this up for EDMTunes. Give them some love for letting me make obscure literary references to rave kids: www.edmtunes.com/2013/10/deadmau5-holden-caufield-edm-hero/ )

Deadmau5EDMTunes and I have been a fan of Deadmau5 for a very long time and we’ve been following his recent exploits(wxyz) closely. I’ve been a fan of the way that the maestro of synth works with ideas but recently, I think we’ve begun to see a side of Joel (I know I can’t call him that but it’s easier to type than Mr. Zimmerman or Deadmau5 or trollmau5 or TimHortonLover) that we don’t get from any other producers or DJs in the community. Joel reminds me very much of J.d Salinger, with their mutual creations (deadmau5 & Holden Caulfield, respectively) having affected Western culture profoundly in their own ways. Holden is a man alone against the world (or so he thinks), who both despises those who would prey on the weak and innocent, but also wishes to be heard by those same people. And I think the way that Deadmau5 uses social media right now, is the way that Holden Caufield from Catcher in the Rye would if he existed in a world with internet, and don’t worry, it’s not because they share a penchant for outlandish headgear (stay with me now).

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Broke On Holiday: Nobot Heart, Masquerade Macabre, Rubulad & More!…The Poor Man’s Halloween

There is a multiplier in the city when it comes to prices of events around major holidays. Labor Day, New Years, Memorial Day and of course, Halloween, everyone’s favorite reason to dress up like Sexy Grumpy Cat, is no exception to this rule. So instead of talking about some party that accepts payment in gold bullion or encrypted key phrases, there are people hard at work putting together a few different low cost events in and around the H-day. I’ll be dropping links into pictures and quick descriptions, but these will come Fast and Furious (Woo Sexy Ford Mustang costume!), so look around and make sure you get value for your party dollar. Sadly, while the one above is a likely attend for me, it’s full. I know, I’m a tease. However, below, feast my children of the night.


Gemini & Scorpio have been killing it for long enough to become a household name here in Gotham. Well, maybe if you live in a really fun house, but still, between their banya parties, their electro-swing steampunk fanciness and their general all around amazing taste, they do good things. This Saturday they’re doing their annual ridiculous Masquerade Ball/Macabre. When the Village Voice gives them props for throwing an absinthe-laced, half circus & half Victorian ball, you now they’re doing something right. $20 is an amazing value for this event and it’s also the most expensive event on the list. If you have it, Do eet.


My boy Nutritious is taking over Pianos on Halloween with a friend that goes by the name of Commodore. It’ll be a proper night of dance music at a bar in the sweet spot in town. If you need any help being convinced of my boy Nutritious’ ability to hold it down, see here and here. 😀


The day after Halloween, my ridiculously talented bass jedi friends Shakey, Tektite & Barney The Iller have brought in bobby c sound tv for some good old fashion fun involving speakers, mashup fun and a delightful amount of bang for your $10/15 buck.


Todd Fatjo & Justin Schumacher have been doing good work for a while now, and I’m sorry I’d not mentioned them before. A free party from 6 PM to 11 PM, and a great way to start off the night.

The fabled Rubulad has resurfaced once more to grace us with a Ghost Ship, haunting performances, live music and some crazy cabaret. If you’re in their hood, Rubulad is the stuff of legend so do what you need to.

Maxim (of The Prodigy fame), Pursues Solo US DJ Tour.

The Prodigy are a strong contender for my favorite live act ever. Strong praise but if you’ve ever seen them live (or 4 times, like I have), you know that they’re definitely able to control a crowd in a way most other EDM artists could only dream of doing, and were doing so when those artists, producers and DJs were in middle school. It seems the guy who got right in my face at Nation in DC is going to stop moshing and start spinning. The tour details and a handy-dandy mixtape, filled with dubstep, ragga, drum & bass and a dash of anger, are below. I didn’t know he was backing up Feed Me, but it looks like that went over well, so this should be a good time. (via Stoney Roads)

Maxim US DJ tour 2013 (featuring MC Cianna Blaze)
10/25/13 San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom
10/26/13 Seattle, WA @ WAMU Theater (FreakNight)
10/27/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Lure
10/29/13 San Diego, CA @ Voyeur Thurs
10/31/13 Austin, TX @ Republic Live
11/1/13 Edmonton, AB @ Set
11/2/13 Los Angeles, CA @ HARD Day of the Dead
11/3/13 New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Festival