Broke On Holiday: ReSolute, Cielo (Free), Output (Free), Sankeys & More!…Turkey Day Weekend!

There’s quite a bit going on over the long weekend so you have no excuse to whine about being stuck dealing with your family, as long as you live in limping distance to the 5 boroughs. I’ve got a semi-competent list of quality goods that won’t break the bank. That way, if you need to buy another drink to deal with your family, you don’t have to sell any plasma. I know, I’m a generous soul, once again making it all better with bass. Here they are, ordered by day. Come on out and burn off all of them stuffing-related calories. Pictured above is Hector Moralez, with deep support at an underground venue in Brooklyn. There’s a strong chance this event will be fabulous, and a certainty it’ll have a deep, latin, funky & soulful vibe to it. There aren’t very many of these spaces left in NYC, and at $15.00, you’re paying what I paid when there were more than a decade ago.

ReSolute has been doing techno for years now (Happy Anniversary as of last week!) and they’re not letting a little thing like a bank holiday & possible NorEaster stop them from throwing a TWELVE HOUR PARTY on Wednesday. The techno will be glorious, and of course there’s going to be a secret location that you only find out if you RSVP. Techno-heads should not miss this, as ReSolute knows them better than they know themselves.

Matias Jofre, Chris Schoedel & The House Cartel continue their weekly dominance of the tech-house scene here in Gotham city with their Momentum & Rite of Wednesdays series. To make everyone else on this list look bad, you need to RSVP because there’s actually going to be dinner. Besides the absolutely delicious bass, techno, and tech-house beats coming from Connie, Lauren Ritter & Matias, food will be served promptly at 6:30. That’s right, you can get stuffing and tech-house. What else could you want? Oh right, it’s free entry and there are cheap drinks, of course.

Eris Revolution has been quietly generating one of the only places to hear trance and progressive anywhere in the city on a regular basis. No cover, drink specials, and a thanksgiving coat drive, because, you know, it’s the season to actually help some people out? Head on down, get some dancing into your face, and bring a gently used coat to be dropped off immediately after the party. Mike Saint-Jules is a quality pickup, and I’ve definitely not heard of him playing NYC recently. Should be a good show.

On Thursday night, Cielo is free before 11pm, with a 1hr open bar. I’m going to repeat that. Open Bar at Cielo for zero dollars. I don’t understand why you haven’t RSVP’d yet. You needed an excuse to get out of your house instead of passing out watching Sportscenter? Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Sankeys is picking up speed with a flood of positive reviews and a surprising lack of pratfalls in its short life so far. They’re doing a Carnival party for $15.00, which for a Friday night at the club that’s less than one month old in the shadow of the Empire Building, is a steal. I assume the old District 36 space is going to be done up right, so if check it out if you’re curious how the Ibiza transplant is doing.

Joro Boro does really good work when it comes to mingling traditional & ethnic rhythms made on live instruments with phat beats like so many ingredients of a refined cocktail. For a tenner, there’s going to be a veritable bonanza of this kind of sound at a spot called littlefield in Brooklyn. If you’re looking for something interesting and totally devoid of bros, ravers, club kids, this is it. Though you may see a beard or twelve.

There’s not much that hasn’t been said about the new beacon of bass, Output in Brooklyn. It can get kind of expensive when some of the triple A talent shows up to take advantage of the stupendous soundsystem & sexy space. So, it’ll be free until midnight with an RSVP. So many things to be thankful for this year I know. If you’re still in town on Saturday and want to show your high school friends you’re cool and know where the parties are, get advance tickets or show up early.

There you have it folks. Have at thee. This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.


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