A Quartet of Quality Hip Hop.

As of late, I’ve come across a series of lyrically competent hep cats that I wanted to make sure to remark on. Lots of people complain that hip hop, R&B and other sub-genres of the like peaked and are of poor quality today. They really couldn’t be more wrong. Just in case you didn’t know who these people were, check em out, and definitely give rhymes another shot if you didn’t like rap back when it consisted of Puffy and such.

Chance the Rapper dropped a very interesting mixtape a while back so I’ve tried to keep track of him. His drive with James Blake is eerily good. And check this vimeo link for the new vid he just up’d with Childish Gambino http://vimeo.com/81209854

Sway Clarke II showed up out of nowhere on my Soundcloud, and I’m going to be paying a lot of attention from now on. It’s a heavy but serene track with a flow that’s quite nice. It’s definitely an exercise in minimalism, both in lyric & beats, which speaks well of the Berlin-based artist.

DVS has been rhyming competently for longer than I’ve known what the words “Drum and Bass” meant. Brilliant, sardonic, and quite possibly dangerous, he’s the kind of ace in the hole you’d always want on your team, because if there was a rap battle, he’d win. By more than a bunch. The Darkwing send up is hilarious and I’ve been waiting for some new stuff from this guy for a minute.

King Terry III rounds out this group of quality lyricists. His flow is tight and the samples, background vibes and other elements are exquisitely chosen. New Linen is one of the few morsels he’s dropped for us on Soundcloud, and I for one cannot wait to hear what he has in store for us.

Good things coming from all of these cats in 2014 I wager. So pay attention and follow your ears.


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