Spotiamp – Long live the Llama

I’ve spoken about my sadness surrounding the death of Winamp before. It seems the good people at Spotify agree. If you have a premium account, you can use the Spotiamp, which is a fully featured music player that looks exactly like winamp. I’ve got 2 questions. 1, can I import my own music/playlists, and two, how are the visualizers? If I can get milkdrop using Spotify, I think I may just get that premium membership.


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Today marks the end of Winamp, one of the oldest and most important pieces of software in the history of digital music.

To honour the engineering skill and passion that goes into building wonderful software that millions of people enjoy we would like to share a small tribute to honour the great legacy of Winamp.  

Spotiamp is a fully functional music player where you can login using your Spotify Premium account and stream music. We hope this will give you some nice memories of the days before Spotify!


Thank you Winamp – you really whipped the llama’s ass!


Over and out,

Ludde & Spotify Gothenburg, Sweden

PS. We are hiring 🙂


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