Midnight Music: Kasbo – Reaching

And the time is finally upon us. Trap is going the way of Dubstep, and we’re beginning to see chilltrap producers popping up with the competence of the wave of chillstep DJs & Producers that came before them. This maturation of the genre is starting to be my favorite time in the life of any burgeoning class of dance music. First the genre gets big, then it slowly contracts while the amazing producers take the same elements that were cranked to 11 and work with them at a controlled level, producing some astonishing work after the “party” has ended. 40 seconds in definitely puts a spin on Trap in a way that I’d not heard since Minnesota was starting out. The summer vibes combined with an almost big room house feel make for an interesting tune from someone who isn’t even out of high school yet. Hit up the Soundcloud and show the Swedish 18yr old some love.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Music: Kasbo – Reaching

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