Midnight Music: Daughter & An-Ten-Nae’s Gorgeous Remix Of Medicine

I was getting concerned the blog was drifting in what I was covering, moving away from music, so I’m going to bring it squarely back to why you’re here. Quality bits for your earholes. Every night at midnight, a track will fire off into the darkness, that you might like. You might not, but I bet you will, and if you listen, and you don’t, feel free to post in the comments why you don’t 🙂 I may listen, I may not. Ya spinz the wheel ya take yer chances.

This track was sent to me by a dear friend, reminding me of how many people out there are hurting right now. The vocal work by Daughter balances with the superb beat choices and synth production of An-Ten-Nae to create a melancholy beauty that can be felt a thousand different ways. The content of the lyrics push it through the roof when it comes to evoking all the feels, reminding us of that one special person who could just be if they only stopped using.

One thought on “Midnight Music: Daughter & An-Ten-Nae’s Gorgeous Remix Of Medicine

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