Party Of The Month: Split Infinity by Soulcraft @ The Paper Box, 1/31!


The Paper Box has emerged as one of the go-to venues in Colonial Williamsburg these days (Yes, I’m referring to “East Williamsburg” or Bushwick as Colonial Williamsburg). When it comes to quality that hasn’t been discovered by the fist pumpers or bridge & tunnel crowd just quite yet, this place rages hard, even in the face of adversity. This means you better get your rear out to this party because in another couple of months, the magic of the secret will be out and it’ll be a whole different ballgame inside. SoulCraft hasn’ t been on my radar, but clearly this is because I’m getting blind & dead in my old age, as this is a cut and dry, to the point event. This collaboration between Ben Jammin’ & VJ Krunch is a force to be reckoned with. This partnership means the event will be a feast for the eyes and the ears. And speaking of the ears, it seems Been Jammin’ made some calls and brought out some surprisingly quality talent. The steampunk theme should be a “giant top hat with gears on it”-levels of fun, so grab that leather and those spectacles, it’s time to shake one’s steam-powered booty.

Been Jammin’, for those of us who aren’t familiar, mixes a groovy, funky, jazzy, but still techy blend of disco, house, techno & straight jams that will get you dancing no matter how shit the week was. B3ar is a long-time favorite around here that recently tantalized with an amazing electro-swing set at Voodoo on the Bayou, and I’m desperately clinging to the hope that I get to see electro-swing at a steampunk themed party before I need a new hip to dance to it.

Kyra by Wil Jamhoury on Mixcloud

Guy Freeman is definitely someone you’re going to need to keep your eye on. If not, he’ll find a gravity gun, warp your reality with crazy beats and overthrow your authoritarian world all by himself. His blend of techno, bass, multi-flavored house & a dollop of snark will keep you dancing and quietly chuckling to yourself at the playful quality. Wil Jamhoury rounds out the group with some more progressive beats to ensure the uplifting vibe is maintained. As with all of my picks for party of the month, there is a lot to like here, and for ten bucks, you really can’t beat this. You’re not going to find a better party this month, even if you paid triple that. Do it up, cut loose, and you might just see me there wearing a utility belt. Tickets can be grabbed here.

This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.


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