10 Safety Tips Women Should Know when going to their First Music Festival

The Festival Lawyer is back with some super critical tips for avoiding creepsters and other terrible stuff at festivals. May not be necessary for my more varsity ladies out there, and it is a bit gender biased, but still really good information that definitely needs to get spread out. #10 is mandatory for us all.



In my life, I have four cool older sisters, the awesome Mrs. Festival Lawyer and a rad little feminista daughter. As Hank Moody would say, “I’m a big fan of women, I have all their albums.”

Lately, I’ve started to wonder how safe festivals and raves are for women. In 2013, there was a report of a sexual assault of a 16 year old girl at Electric Zoo.  Two sexual assaults were reported at the Made in America Festival. Three men allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl at Stagecoach in 2012.

Because of that, I thought it might make sense to ask several long time female festivalgoers and ravers what tips they would give to a woman attending her first event. Before we get to the tips we need to discuss the topic of “victim blaming.”  As Leandra Pelonquin, former director of the YWCA Rape clinic explains,  

One of my co-workers was presenting…

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