George Clinton And Parliament Funkadelic To Record Direct-to-Vinyl Live LP & Teach Funk Master Class

The God of Funk & his Pantheon, Parliament Funkadelic blew minds when they announced their latest creative gambit. At Metropolis, one of the sacred spaces in recording/production, George Clinton will be recording a “super limited edition album” direct to vinyl for a very select group of mega-fans. Metropolis in the UK is one of the only studios in the world equipped to do this, and if you’re into it, you can not only attend recording sessions, but also a master class by Clinton himself, The Vinyl Factory reports. This is probably going to raise the general funk quotient of the planet by an order of magnitude or two, so hit up PledgeMusic if you’re interested in attending. As, 150 sterling for a class with the p-funk impresario himself is a freaking steal.


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