Midnight Music: The Prodigy – Wild Frontier (Wilkinson Remix)

The remix game is just heating up when it comes to The Prodigy’s new album. The Day Is My Enemy is going to spawn a gigantic wave of bomb-ass remixes and this first volley is no exception. Wilkinson bursts out of the gate with this massive release on RAM Records. This is one of those tunes that you just kind of want to flip your hood up and get down with your bad self. It brings out some of the heart inside the amazing Wild Frontier track and adds a fresh dollop of big bass d&b on top of it. Get it now that it’s live on Beatport as well. If you’re into spinning D&B, this track is going to be a must-have this summer. Once The Prodigy starts to get into full swing, these kinds of reworkings are going to be worth their weight in gold. He who remixes best, will win. Now if we could only get The Prodigy to play somewhere on this side of the pond in 2015.

Midnight Music: Archive – End Of Our Days [Indietronica]

Hat tip to The Joy of Violent Movement for becoming my go-to source for indie, alt rock, singer-songwriter, hip hop & all things that you could go hipster over. Tonight, I’ve got some dopeness from Archive, a South London group that gets it right. This group does some great work, especially balancing the organic & synthetic aspects of their production. The beats that come in halfway through the track add dimensions that I was not expecting. It’s an echoic fusion that gives me hope for the future. This is the kind of sound I keep coming back to, putting the best of both out there, for all to see. I am already terribly sad I won’t be able to catch them as they’re still only touring in the UK, but wait for them to go London Grammar on the pop world, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (via Joy Of Violent Movement)

Midnight Music: The Prodigy – Nasty [Violent Big Beat]

The Prodigy - The Day is the Enemy

It’s here! The first single on the new Prodigy album is here! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! They’re the best at what they do and they’re back. This punchy sound is exactly where it needs to be, while also upending some social order goodness lampooning the annual fox hunt thing the gentry in the UK have every year. This is them reminding the world they’re here, this is how to sound like that, and they can do it without truckloads of hardware. While some people have expressed being underwhelmed, this is is how they play. Any fan of The Prodigy know that their first release off of an album is usually a poppier, less aggressive choice. After Smack My Bitch Up became a nation-wide controversy, I’d imagine they may want to generate some furor, without being called terrorists. It’s a fine line when it comes to generating outrage vs. starting to be clamped down on, and The Prodigy have walked that line better than anyone. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this stuff, and if you grab the pre-order, you get the single tomorrow.

Midnight Music: Culture Shock, Shockingly Good D&B From London!

Someone get this kid a fire extinguisher, because he’s going to ignite any minute. Annie Mac dropped a track of his & thankfully, ANDY C reposted it. This is a fantastic, truly massive sound coming out of Culture Shock, and I attached not one, but two of his remixes from his Soundcloud below. If you’re into Drum & Bass, especially the stuff coming out of Netsky, ANDY C, Metrik & what Mistajam dropped on his show, you really need to put this into your face. This is the kind of drum & bass that scares people in the suburbs if it wants to, but can be smooth as silk when it needs to. Every time this kind of stuff makes it over to Gotham, I bust ass to see it, and you should too. Check out the other tracks below and show some love.

Mix Of The Week: Nu:Tone’s FABRIC Mix!

Nu:Tone is the most underrated Hospital Records selectro. This producer has created great tunes and he’s got a new album coming out, so he’s started to make the rounds getting word out. Thankfully Fabric picked him up for this, and we’ve got a wonderful half hour of funky d&b from him. The mix is quality start to finish, with some particularly delightful bits between the 12 & 20 minute marks. Great thing to put on while driving, pregaming or just jamming out cleaning the house. The Billon – Special remix he ends the mix out with, is not only one of his own originals, it freaking rocks. Check out the tunes and get ready for the album, Future History. I’m going to try and get my hands on it ASAP to figure out which tracks are going to get added to my daily listening Hospital playlist. I know Metaphor 6000 is already on it. If you don’t believe me, check out a preview of it below. It’s a taut, punchy d&b track that deserves your attention, and if this is the tip of the spear on the album? I’m in for a good time.

George Clinton And Parliament Funkadelic To Record Direct-to-Vinyl Live LP & Teach Funk Master Class

The God of Funk & his Pantheon, Parliament Funkadelic blew minds when they announced their latest creative gambit. At Metropolis, one of the sacred spaces in recording/production, George Clinton will be recording a “super limited edition album” direct to vinyl for a very select group of mega-fans. Metropolis in the UK is one of the only studios in the world equipped to do this, and if you’re into it, you can not only attend recording sessions, but also a master class by Clinton himself, The Vinyl Factory reports. This is probably going to raise the general funk quotient of the planet by an order of magnitude or two, so hit up PledgeMusic if you’re interested in attending. As, 150 sterling for a class with the p-funk impresario himself is a freaking steal.