The Externalities of Puff Daddy.

The Grid 10 gets all the props for picking up this thread from prominent sport, hip hop & excellence forum The Coli. The review of all the terrible things that have occurred are hilarious and damning at the same time. Whether it’s Tupac, Biggie, Ciroc, Mase or the other tragedies associated with Diddy, this wraps it up nicely. Head on over to The Grid 10 for more news, jokes and music.

1996-2Pac allegedly killed by Southside Crips as revenge for a beating that was revenge for a Death Row chain being snatched for a Sean Combs bounty

1997-Notorious B.I.G. killed in Los Angeles as revenge for murders of Pac and Jake Robles

2002– MTV Making Da Band. The list of tragedies probably deserve its own thread *see Chopper Suit.

2004-Co-Creates a Rap The Vote campaign to get c00ns to support John Kerry the weakest democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. Loses to George W. Bush. Months later Katrina happens.

2007-Partners with Ciroc, causing single mothers to neglect their children and Black men to skip child support payments in an endless chase to cop his high-priced Kool Aid”


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