EP Of The Week: MitiS – Touch

The Opening Part 2 kicks, with some serious high energy grooves. The scintillating production values of MitiS shine once again, with this bloopy anthemic tune to open his EP. The Original Mix tease means there’s remixes on the way, which makes me warm & fuzzy inside. Touch gets at the real signature sound that MitiS brings to the fore. There’s this triumphant synth work that picks you up and never lets you down. The tune is infectious and deceptively dubby. The vocal mix, featuring Shana J. Munson adds another excellent layer to the massive tune. It picks the energy up and combines it with some fantastic lyrical work. This is some festival ish right here. I’d mistake it for a tune off of A State of Trance if I didn’t know better.

Namaste, Alvida is a translation of Hello, Goodbye in Hindi, also the title of a particularly complex and delightful tune on the EP. The massive dubstep combined with the chilled out elements that MitiS is at most home with work splendidly. There’s a bit of a Drum & Bass feel in the second half of the tune that’s wonderful. Life is a slower, more massive tune that, much like life, you don’t start to appreciate until you’re about 30-40% of the way through it. Drearily euphoric, with amassive front end and a build that blew me away. The breakdown reminds me of some of the most victorious guitar work I’ve ever heard. Forget the Wyld Stallions, MitiS will bring peace in our time. Breezes rounds out the EP with a rambling, drum & bass tune that pulls everything together nicely. I’d love to see an acoustic version of this, because I bet it’s a blast on the piano. Hit up the EP below and show the dude some love. Trust me, he’s one of the great ones, you’ll see if you don’t yet.


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