Midnight Music: Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Old School Trance)

Tonight, we’re going back to the time when Formula 51 was a movie & Samuel L. Jackson still had both eyes. This absolute gem of a trance track comes from Lee Haslam, an institution in his own right. I think I discovered this track when I was actually in . The punch of the trance chords explodes like sonic fireworks after a particularly droll but delightful sample of Samuel L. Jackson discussing the best drug ever. The sample is hilarious in its reminder of how Hollywood doesn’t understand both rave & drug culture. This is true, classic trance in all its glory. Put this into your face then go listen to trapstep and tell me which one makes you want to dance (Note: Grinding does not count for these purposes, so no yelling at me about how Diplo is awesome).


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