Midnight Music: Just A Gent – Pure Imagination [Future Bass]

Just A Gent - Pure Imagination

Just A Gent – Pure Imagination

Just A Gent continues to blow me away. I am just going to expect every new remix & original track to be stupendous. He sits down at the piano and doesn’t get up until we’ve seen one of the best re-imaginings of Willy Wonka’s Pure Imagination (performed by Gene Wilder of course) since the film. The synth work at 50 sec rambles around in the sky and echoes through the rest of the track. A lovely fusion of sun-drenched vibe, piano and amazing future bass, this is an instant classic. I also bet you’ll get people who don’t like EDM that are really into it when they hear it. This is a great intro track for those leery friends who went to Governor’s Ball for Drake & Lana Del Ray but think deadmau5 is weird. Just A Gent is a gem that’s blossoming into one of the most exciting sounds in dance music. 

Midnight Music: Bon Iver – Perth (Mi Ka Remix)

Bon Iver - Perth (Mi Ka Remix)

Bon Iver  – Perth (mi ka remix)

This remix of Bon Iver is (to  quote V/Man), too chill for words. There’s a magic to Bon Iver’s tracks originally, so watching this evolve into a golden tune is a quiet joy. mi ka, hailing from Stuttgart lays his spell on you as a listener. It’s got hammock & summer sunshine written all over it. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it, just relax and enjoy. The soothing, smooth bass blends into the bird chirps and soft guitars. If you can’t find a calming breath during this song, you may need to cut back on the Red Bull. As the weekend draws to a close, simmer down with mi ka & show him some love!

Midnight Music: Misun – Eli Eli (Maduk Remix) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

If it seems like I post every new track from Liquicity, it’s because I totally do. Maduk floats towards the harder end of the spectrum, which just gives it more to love according to a lot of my drum & bass fans out there. Even though it’s harder, it’s still liquid, it’s still that smooth vibe you’ve come to expect from the Northern European D&B. The push is exactly what it needs to be and it drives on with a surprising amount of low end. I think you’ve gotta give it up for Maduk on this, as he’s been one of the champions of Liquicity, stewarding the liquid sound for years now.

Midnight Music: Haven – The Truth Is, I Love You [Dream Bass]

Haven - The Truth Is, I Love You

Haven – The Truth Is, I Love You

Haven is blowing me away. This track got picked up by Insight Music, this splendid little chillstep, downtempo, ambient, future garage & bass label out of the UK I follow. Their monthly compilations are a dreamy mix of up & coming underground artists always has something interesting. This one made me stop what I was doing and pay attention. The massive low end & heart-wrenching vocals scream for this to be played live on a significant system to give it the sternum-vibrating live experience we all know it can deliver. I really want to hear more from this guy. Haven is from Stockholm, which is apparently where Dream Bass is made of. This is a cloud of emotion being vibrated by a subwoofer. It understands you, doesn’t judge, and may cry with you if you start. This is a track I want to make a music video or a party concept around. See someone walk through a crazy, dreamy party experience with this in the background, or a chill space with this kind of aural & visual aesthetic. What do you say? Would you come? Apparently he works in NYC, so I kind of want to hire them to spin an afterparty now.

Midnight Music: Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (JPOD Remix) [House]

Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (JPOD Remix)

Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (JPOD Remix)

People travel the globe for a good house breakdown. The Armand Van Helden remix of Tori Amos was the first one of these pop reworkings, but every major pop, indie, alt & vocal heavy track worth its salt has been remixed by some of the most talented producers out there. Some hit the mark, some pratfall really hard, as you find out from that one weird guy who keeps sending you YouTube links. I found Imogen Heap’s remix offerings to be kind of lacking in general. There was a gorgeous simplicity to the original that most producers really couldn’t stay true to, plus it’s really embarassing when your vocalist has better production values than you do. However, JPOD’s remix won me over almost immediately. The funky breakdowns mesh with the synthy vocals & inspire thoughts of dancing to it at a trendy, tiny bar on Rivington somewhere. This is one for the Manhattan & Brooklyn nights if I’ve ever heard one. Head over to JPOD‘s Soundcloud & enjoy the Canadian knows what he’s doing.https://soundcloud.com/jpodtbc/imogen-heap-hide-seek-jpod-remix

Midnight Music: B-Complex – Beautiful Lies [Drum & Bass]

I don’t know who this Random Globe character is, but they know what they’re doing and have earned a spot in my “bored on YouTube” subscription rotation. This new channel, featuring some of the better liquid D&B that usually slips through my radar is still in the formative stages folks. But the 14 songs up already an the D&B list are solid as are the ~60 video chill list. This B-Complex track is everything you need to punch through the early week slump. A dope breakdown after a full 3:40 of regular drum & bass song? Especially considering most tunes in this genre are only that long, it’s gotta be something you sit up and appreciate, when you’ve got a 45sec legit breakdown in the tune. This is some old school Planet of the Drums vibe, pushed into an “almost” liquid track. The result is a gorgeous two hump track that feels like a classic. The vintage taste combined with the modern production values makes for a wonderful vacation in the middle of the week. Head on over to Random Globe if you agree.

Midnight Music: Yoji Biomehanika – Wake Up To Reality [Hard Dance]

Yoji Biomehanika – Wake Up To Reality

Well, this one sure takes me back. Yoji Biomehanika is a hard house/hard dance DJ you’ve probably never heard of, and plays music harder than anything you’ve ever heard. I’m serious, this guy headlined Sensation Black, back when hard trance & hard dance were still genres of music people listened to. For the faint of heart, you’ll want to fast-forward through the first 60 seconds to get to the good part. Yoji, while super heavy & frenetic, can create the most beautiful, trance-inducing hard vibes, unlike anything you’ve heard from a DJ that hails from America, Australia or Europe. Japan has some of the craziest dance music out there, and Yoji has led that charge. I’ve been jamming out to this guy for almost 10 years. The vibe he creates can only be described as “rave in Neo-Tokyo.” There are very few DJs that can keep the energy up like he can, and to celebrate his glorious return, I’m going to be peppering my blog with Yoji related posts this week. If you can’t handle it, run & hide. If you’re as excited for this as I am, his album dropped literally 48hrs ago and you can grab it here and here.

Midnight Music: Jukebox The Ghost – The Spiritual (Tom Norton Cover) [Acoustic]

Jukebox The Ghost - The Spiritual (Tom Norton Cover)

Jukebox The Ghost – The Spiritual (Tom Norton Cover)

Dub Scout is a transcendently talented & hard working producer you probably haven’t heard of yet. He’s one of the most creative innovators in the electronic space right now, and yet, he doesn’t just kill it on the beats. This crushingly beautiful acoustic cover of The Spiritual by Jukebox The Ghost made me sit up in my chair. This is the singer/songwriter cover that I’ve been looking for. People ask whether I listen to acoustic music, and when it sounds like this, the answer is absolutely.  If you’re a fan of a voice , a melody, harmony and a beat, you’ll be right at home here. Take a couple of minutes and enjoy.

Midnight Music: Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt – Some Minds [Future]

Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt – Some Minds

Flume is back! Stop what you’re doing and listen to this song/watch this video. The music video is hauntingly effective at showcasing the increasingly complex sound Flume is known for the world over. There’s a lot of what looks like drone footage, juxtaposed with Flume moving along the way the heads in DBZ float around. There’s a reverence for the performance hall, specifically the Sydney Opera House in this. It matches the echoic, soulful future vibe of the track perfectly. Andrew Wyatt’s impressive chops support the “almost breaks it’s so future” provided by Flume in a way that is amazing.

And then 3:15 happens and he blows us and that away. The transition into the drip drop synth work is shocking and reminds us that he’s never to be underestimated or even anticipated. The movements seem to organically shift as the video effects person Flume got clearly knew what they were doing. It’s silky smooth, contrasted with the jutting nature of the synth. Absolutely magnificent. But, what did you expect. It’s Flume. If you do one thing this summer, pay money to see Flume. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Midnight Music: Major Lazer x Dj Snake ft. Mo – Lean On (Kamil Remix)

Major Lazer x DJ Snake ft. MO - Lean On (Kamil Remix)Kamil from Azerbaijan continues to earn my respect from thousands of miles away. His jovial, hopeful outlook has given him success in remixing a lot of tracks where others fail. I’m now going to specifically wait for Kamil remixes when new dope anthems get dropped, because I know that there’s going to be some fun, funky remix coming. Something not too serious, that wears colors other than black & you can dance to. This is a strong competitor for the best DJ Snake mix I’ve ever heard, so if diplo, Major Lazer, DJ Snake or Mo want to discover this guy and get him on a Mad Decent tour that would be excellent. Get at the rest of his tracks, especially the stupendous Disclosure remix.