Party of the Month: Verboten Presents Lee Burridge

This month, I’m happy to report that Verboten has settled into its new 10,000 sq. ft. space in BK and they’ve been able to bring the raw awesome I remember from their events all over the city back home for us. The space has all the bells and whistles you’d expect, no VIP area, and is one of the first venues in the city to sport a no-tolerance policy on harassment. From their site:

Verboten is a pro-woman company, run by strong women and the men & women who love them. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated. If you are the victim of any unwanted speech, treatment, or physical abuse, please speak with any staff member and that person will be removed.

I really could not be pleased with language like that coming out of Verboten. I’ve been watching clubs & bars throw up their hands and say “boys will be boys” for years here in NYC, and I’m hoping Verboten is first in a long line of clubs that add this type of policy. Headlining next Friday is Lee Burridge, one of the top deep/tech house DJs in the world right now. Check out his Lightning In A Bottle Mix below if you don’t believe me. Keep reading 85 minutes from now, after he takes you on a magical journey.

The supporting talent isn’t slacking either. Khoury has done some good work in NYC, as the resident of All Day I Dream, one of NYC’s many summer parties. He’s also done various gigs around the city and at Burning man, and will definitely keep you grooving in a deep way.

Bedouin, the team of Rami Deejay & Tamer Malki, round out the group with some playa-tech & further deepness. This trio of acts should keep you busy all night.

And if they don’t, my homegirl Dollpartz, 1/2 of whiteowljaguar is involved in secret/special production elements with the show, so come on down, check it out, and who knows, you might even see me on the dance floor. Get your tickets here, and make sure to congratulate Verboten when you get there. Being a forward thinking, pro-woman organization in NYC is tough, and running a space is even tougher. I wish them all the best and I can’t wait to see them become the institution those of us in the know already know they are.



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