Nightlife Sociology

I was recently connected with this individual, who speaks about the scene in Boston. There’s a lot to be said on the use of the nightlife space for social change, political activism and the divisiveness that comes when others use parties to sell the same way marketers use sex. I’m a big fan of this perspective, so expect more reblogs from Ms. Kimball in the future.

Micaela Kimball

A little over a month ago, I published a piece in digBoston on segregated nightlife in Boston. (Check out the article here). While the paper took a critical eye, I simultaneously highlighted dance scenes and events that resist Boston’s segregated reality and have paved the way for positive change. In between cans of free yuengling and conversations about past and present writing projects, I revisited this piece in my mind this past Wednesday at the digthis awards party. A number of subtopics and afterthoughts emerged from this piece both when I was writing it and in the time that has passed since it’s been published. Some of the conversations at this party inspired me to write about these subtopics here.

When writing the dig piece, I started thinking about how and why nightlife is generally not considered a legitimate social space with in many- or mostly mainstream activist circles. In…

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