Midnight Music: BANKS – Drowning (Stwo Remix) [Moody Vocal Indie Gold]

Stwo Remix Banks Drowning

“You’re so bold when you’re watching me moan.”

This smooth, sexy, chilled out reworking of Drowning by BANKS showcases exactly what about Stwo, coming out of Paris, excites me so. There’s a morose, but sly & alluring sound coming from this track, and Lorde fans will enjoy the content & backend on this one as well. It’s something that pop could very well absorb. This kind of indie sound, mixing soulful vocals and the future bass sound I drool over is still under-represented in the industry currently, especially because it’s not so good at driving mainstage traffic. However, this kind of mood music is perfect for lounges, movie soundtracks and other environments less conducive to raging. I don’t mean to be glib, because as the EDM bubble finally oversaturates, people are going to want music for doing things other than fist pumping. Cuddle beats for the win, as it were.


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