A Cop Stops You at a Festival: The “Know Your Rights” Infographic

This is one of the most important aspects of the scene right here. Knowledge leads to power. There is going to be a severe amount of security clamping down on parties & festivals in the coming year or two. EZoo is gonna have double the drug dogs, invasive pat downs & a whole lot of TSA-style bullshit. Ultra is going to have the same, as it needs to ensure they convince the Miami city government to let them keep doing awesome shit in the downtown area. My excellent friend The Festival Lawyer has been working on this for quite some time, and it’s got everything you need to know right in a handy little infographic. Print it out, keep it in your wallet, show your friends, and most importantly, READ THE THING, and know your rights. This is something that I’m going to be reposting at various points over the festival season, so expect to see it again. Thanks again to the Festival Lawyer & keep up the great work!


FestivalLawyer_EMBED Download the infographic image or PDF //

People often suggest to me that either 1) It’s somehow “Un-American” to talk about your rights when dealing with the police or that 2) Somehow only someone who is intending to break the law would need to understand their legal rights.

As to 1) This is really some dangerous nonsense. In fact this honestly might be one of the craziest ideas that has ever taken root in our Country and as to 2) As I always say “It’s better to know your rights and not need them, than to need your rights and not know them.”

The accompanying article goes into an overview of some 4th Amendment law in more detail. But really the infographic is meant to be shared even without the article. Feel free to share this infographic on Twitter and Facebook. Tag family members or…

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