The Gift Of Hearing Given To Someone For The First Time.

Beatport was one of the many websites that pushed this out a little while ago. I think it’s important to stop, take a minute and see just how this lady (named Jo, of Gateshead England) has been reduced to tears by the simple act of hearing things for the first time. We in the music universe get so caught up in “is this good, do I like this, eww Dubstep” that we forget the simple gift of hearing is exactly that. A gift. That can be taken away in an instant. This is your reminder to wear earplugs, don’t nest in front of the speakers, and for Christ’s sakes, take care of your ears! Stop hoping that stem cells will forgive all of the abuse you put your aural circuits through during that one summer you followed Warped Tour and back it off a little bit this weekend. If anyone gives you shit for wearing earplugs, laugh and walk away. Seriously. You only get one pair of ears, and they are truly astonishing.


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