Midnight Music: The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (Thero Remix) [Tropical]

While good Tropical is getting few & far between, I am really digging this remix by Thero. The Chainsmokers have had the Midas touch for a while now. No matter how much you pretend to dislike Selfie, they’re everywhere, and definitely deserve it. Thero takes their latest hotness and re-envisions it as an airy, future chill track that I like more each time I listen to it. There’s a whole lot of reverb put to good use here, making the track a bit harder than most tropical tunes. This is a huge step in the right direction for a genre that seemed to be spinning its wheels a bit. The heavier throb & beat structure give the track some oomph that gives it more versatility & range. I hope he’s entering it into The Chainsmokers remix contest on Beatport, cause this kind of dope shit just might win.

Hometown Fire: Wavewhore – Breaks Wizard

Wavewhore put this in my face, and I really couldn’t be happier he did. This is exactly what I needed my breaks to sound like. While people think the genre can’t keep up, I know Vitamin B proves that incorrectly multiple times a year. Wavewhore’s set at VitB proved that this guy knew what he was doing, so when I got this EP in my inbox, I couldn’t be more pleased. The EP is out as of yesterday, and is a duo of dope breaks tracks. You Got It is super well produced, yet quietly all about what makes the genre classically great. Powerful uses a supremely powerful sample and never oversteps its boundaries. Wavewhore makes for a nice little build and break keeping the energy up the entire way through. Get it on Beatport here if you need this for your sets.   If you need him in a little longer format, here’s a mix he did for Birmingham Mountain Radio. Besides that being one of the best names for a radio station I’ve ever heard, the mix is exactly what you need in your life. Here’s to hoping once people get bored of tropical, breaks gets its time in the sun.
He’s got one more surprise for us, a free DL that dropped last week. A heavy rework of Feel That Ammunition by Farace, so now, you’ve got a new EP, a free DL & a mix to keep you satisfied. If you want more, you’ll have to show his social medias some love. Them’s the breaks!

Midnight Music: Current Value – Exposure [Trance & Bass]

I don’t get to feature this genre of music very often, as it’s just so damn rare. Current Value is one of the artists that’s caught my attention really giving it a try. Trance & Bass, when done properly, brings together the chords & chromatic builds that you love trance for, at the 80/160 tempos that you love Drum & Bass for. When it’s done poorly, it’s utter garbage, but when a proper DJ gives it a try, backed by a decent label, magic can happen. We have that here in Current Value’s Exposure release. Pick this up on Beatport here. The rest of the offering may be a little intense for some, but I find the punchy, rambling beat that Current Value brings to Exposure, combined with the menacing bass, makes for a rowdy track good for any soccer riot pregame. Hit up Subsistenz as well if you’re into this sort of thing, and don’t forget your gas mask!


The Gift Of Hearing Given To Someone For The First Time.

Beatport was one of the many websites that pushed this out a little while ago. I think it’s important to stop, take a minute and see just how this lady (named Jo, of Gateshead England) has been reduced to tears by the simple act of hearing things for the first time. We in the music universe get so caught up in “is this good, do I like this, eww Dubstep” that we forget the simple gift of hearing is exactly that. A gift. That can be taken away in an instant. This is your reminder to wear earplugs, don’t nest in front of the speakers, and for Christ’s sakes, take care of your ears! Stop hoping that stem cells will forgive all of the abuse you put your aural circuits through during that one summer you followed Warped Tour and back it off a little bit this weekend. If anyone gives you shit for wearing earplugs, laugh and walk away. Seriously. You only get one pair of ears, and they are truly astonishing.

Vocalizr: New Tool That Matches Vocalists With Producers.

Beatport alerted me to an interesting new site that’s cropped up over on the blogs over the last few weeks or so. This matching service between vocalists & producers is something I’ve always wondered about. The matching, connections and regulation to prevent exploitation is something every industry struggles with. To be able to crowd-source work requests and recruit talent in a secure fashion is huge, and ensures no one (hopefully) gets screwed. Producers looking for voices, get at this. Vice versa? Do the same.

Dada Life + Metal = Born To Rage (Haters Incoming)

Just in case you thought Dada Life was getting predictable, they decided to hang out with Sebastian Bach who is doing the vocals for the re-work of their single Born To Rage. To jog your memory, this was the song that had 39 nationalized versions were released world-wide. This mammoth effort is now getting a new metallic coat of paint, with Bach doing good work. The video is out and I wonder if they got Bach to sing 39 different languages. Because global metal + Dada Life? That sounds like a movement I can get behind. Enjoy & grab the original on Beatport here.

Sturdy Portable Laptop Stand Review On Beatport. For Your Favorite On The Go DJ.

Beatport has continued their series of tech reviews and they’ve started branching out into things that you don’t need to plug in. Since every DJ I know always complains about their laptop stand, I figured I’d post this, and I hope it helps a non-zero number of you traktor/ableton jockeys out. Don’t say I never got you anything nice. On a more serious note though, things like this definitely prove that Beatport is a smart brand that’s trying to get information out to its customers. Good on em.


10 Facts About Berghain, Berlin’s Legendary Techno Club (Warning: Beatport Article Hilariously NSFW)

Beatport took a quick look at the club everyone splooshes about at Resolute & Blackmarket parties here in NYC. The space, notorious for you just straight up not being able to get in, with its very own Techno Vampire bouncer (below, yes, seriously, that’s him, and no, seriously, he won’t let you in), is considered one of the best clubs on the planet, especially if you’re a. a fan of techno or b. gay. Beatport explains more, just don’t open it on a monitored computer. Please.

Beatport Reviews The Novation Launchpad Mini


I hadn’t seen this kind of tech review from Beatport before, but I think it’s a really good move for them. The vid is under 3 minutes & led by a friendly looking and sounding guy who essentially geeks out over the new Novation Launchpad Mini. They run through the quick & dirty on the device super fast, but the video still seems laidback and paced very casually. I hope they branch out into this realm of review way more because it seems there’s a serious bifurcation between dance music culture & dance music production when you look for things on the internet. Connecting those two worlds is super important, so kudos to Beatport for giving it a shot.

The Track That Might’ve Changed Things For Good In 2013.

This track was shared/favorited/retweeted the world over, with 350k plays in 1 week. For Skrillex or a Triple A artist, this is no sweat, but Daleri was a total unknown. They created a minute mashup of everything that was wrong with dance music last year, as illustrated by the Beatport Top 100. Listen to it if you don’t believe me. I tweeted about it whenever it came out, but one of the things I have to agree with Mixmag about now, the charts the tunes within the mashup came from on Beatport, are different now. The staccato beat/drop + wow so epic build pattern was repeated over and over, isn’t gone completely, but the diversity is growing, and the “let’s all do the same thing” has weakened a bit for the moment. Do you think we need more audio-based commentary like what Daleri did?