The Skip

This is an astonishing article about the nature of the streaming industry and the way music listening has changed over the last 15 years. Music Machinery took the big data idea and shoved Spotify data into it. Your track has a 24% chance of being skipped within the first 5 seconds. Additionally, you’ve only got a 50% shot that your listener will actually make it to the end of the song.

This is what the new music landscape looks like y’all. Adapt or die.

Music Machinery

skip At the time when I was coming of age musically, when we listened to music on LPs, the listening experience was very different than it is today. For one, if you didn’t like the currently playing song you had to get out of your chair, walk over to the turntable, carefully pick up the tone arm and advance the needle to the next track.  That was a lot of work to avoid three minutes of bad music. You really had to really dislike a song to make skipping it worth the effort. Today, with our fancy iPhones and our digital streaming music subscription services, skipping a song couldn’t be easier. Just tap a button and you are on to the next song.  The skip button is now a big part of the overall listening experience. Don’t like a song? Skip it. Never heard a song? Skip it. Just heard a song?…

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