Frisson Alert: Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices (Video by Justin Aberon ft. Charlie Chaplin)

Someone needs to give this kid (Justin Aberin) a video editing job. Like now. This stunning combination of exhaustively researched video clips and the close to perfect “Sea Of Voices” by Porter Robinson needs to get as wide of a viewership as possible. The juxtaposition of the most important speech ever given in the history of cinema (Yes, it is, sorry), the melody and the visuals provide a beautiful and heart-wrenching commentary on what it means to be human. These kinds of experiences remind us what it means to be human. It’s enough to give you a shiver down your spine (Hence the use of “Frisson” in the title) Push it into people’s faces, and get excited for Porter’s new album which should be here this Fall.  Also, freaking buy Justin Aberon a drink.


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