Apparently Tinactin Was The Go To Word In Late 90’s Hip Hop.

I had no idea. I vaguely recalled Tinactin being used in rhymes back when I was in High School, but this is intense. Questionable Lyrics, a segment on Werner von Wallenrod’s ill Hip Hop blog, compiled all of the lyrical utilizations of Tinactin over the course of two decades. The mind reels. Rappers have been using a brand name Jock Itch cure for rhyming purposes for most of my life. And some of these are kind of amazing. Some choice ones are listed below and get at the link here for the full list. Infinite props need to be given for the hours of listening and searching for the word Tinactin.

“Smackin’ those actin’ tough as Tinactin.” ~Mr. Black, 1995
“Fast actin’ like Tinactin, mo’ deeper than the Kraken.” ~The Lady of Rage, 1997
“I’ma tap in harder than Tinactin.” ~Raekwon (!!!!) 2007
“I’m on my feet like Tough Actin’ Tinactin.” ~Lil Wayne, 2009
“Me and my dogs go hard, and you just tough actin’ Tinactinin’ T-Pain, 2012

Raekwon, how could you?


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