David Bowie Gets Into Inspiration, Ziggy Stardust (PBS Digital Studios)

Blank on Blank continues to be one of the best aspects of PBS Digital Studios on Youtube. Master Bowie talks about the difficulty in writing for himself, but the ease with which he can write for a persona he creates. It’s kind of stunning how spot on he is, but for any fan of Bowie, his genius and consistency, ability to let things go when they need to, and continued evolution over the years come as no surprise. Enjoy the video and get to work on your own Ziggy.

5 thoughts on “David Bowie Gets Into Inspiration, Ziggy Stardust (PBS Digital Studios)

  1. He makes a good point, that life isn’t about aiming to be ‘liked’. Being ‘proud’ of my work has been much more effective for me too. Thanks for this different perspective.

  2. Oh I love how he was able to write for others such as Ziggy better than he could for himself. And I too love what he said about aiming to be liked. Very much enjoyed this interview. thank you !

  3. Thanks for this fun interview. I love how he admitted having difficulty writing for himself but could do so for others, such as ziggy. I too like the point he made about not aiming to be liked.

  4. I love Bowie! It’s so fascinating how he found it easy to write for Ziggy but hard to write for himself. He simply found the easiest way to write and that happened to be for a character that he created. I’ve heard several musicians and actors talk about some version of this, whether it comes to performing or writing music. I’ll bet there’s a handful of bloggers and internet celebrities who do the same thing. Thanks for sharing this fantastic interview and perspective!

  5. Never really got the David Bowie thing, but I like what he says. I guess it’s a bit like when you give advice, you can so easily give it to someone else but to yourself? Ha you just ignore it. It’s like we can all create ourselves, be someone we are not and live through that. Yet it’s harder to actually be who you are, because you can be ridiculed, not liked and receive negative stuff. Yet its the only way to ever be good at what you do. He got it right about not aiming to be liked. so on point!


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