Call In Sick, Verboten Grabbed whiteowljaguar, Sabo & REsy On A Wednesday Night.

Now that I’m old and whiny when it comes to going out, weeknight events are a supreme rarity for me. I’m not the spry youngling I once was, able to knock out 9hrs at the office after dancing all night. However, every once and a while, I make an exception. I may need to finally show up at Verboten and watch some old friends do Brooklyn proud before a New York selectro himself. The global, deep & soulful vibes that Sabo drops are going to hold that dance floor together well into the morning. He knocked it out of the park on playa with Robot Heart I hear, so I’d imagine this will be all of the fun, none of the need for co-signers. If they keep grabbing talent like this, Outre by Evolve and Talon & Claw

REsy has been quietly taking over, with a delightful weekly Thursday party at the Macao Trading Co, where she & Pony make hanging out downtown significantly more enjoyable. If you’re looking for somewhere to go before out or home on Thursdays, the weekly does good work, and I’ll do some reporting from the trenches out there soon enough. Whiteowljaguar has been doing some amazing work as of late, pushing into some of the larger underground parties this spring. If you were there you know what I’m talking about. If you weren’t, you’ve got homework to do. Below are two gems, REsy’s set at Sankey’s NYC, which I was privileged enough to see at one of the first opening nights of the place. I know, I live a charmed life. The second is something I sadly wasn’t at, namely the I Feel Playadise vacation/dance party weekend. I was working and buried in FOMO, so Talon & Claw threw out an hour of what went on. Isla Mujeres deepness. Cooper James brings up the support, so get at the event to hear all 4.

I try not to really get up on a whole lot of parties, because it’s really easy to just consign myself to writing descriptions, but Verboten is a great thing, and I think it’s important to support organizations that are trying to make a real go of it. Paying all the bills, running a tight ship and trying to do better by their customers. Verboten’s zero-tolerance policy for harassment means I’m always going to shout them out, hoping other venues take notice and get on the bandwagon. Talon, Claw & REsy are giving you a lot of reasons to get out of the house on hump day. You might even see me on the dance floor.

One thought on “Call In Sick, Verboten Grabbed whiteowljaguar, Sabo & REsy On A Wednesday Night.

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