Attend: The Athena Collective East Coast Kick-Off Showcase @ Verboten

This event is a little different than my usual party recommendations, as it takes place entirely during brunch hours. The days are getting longer, and with them, come day parties you actually want to go to. This Saturday, The Athena Collective shows up at Verboten Brunch.  Working with ENTDECKEN, they’re going to be giving lucky Brooklynites a full day worth of lady DJ majesty. The lineup is stacked with some of the best DJs in NYC today, some I’ve swooned over before, with others entirely new to my mind. In the Control Room, Amy Rogers of The Hoop Movement will be getting us moving. While old people still associate hula hoops with disco, any casual attendee of Burner events, Figment and other flow arts events in the city know hoop dance is here to stay.  Add Dollar Mimosas, one of the best brunch offerings in Brooklyn & the soaring sound system, this needs to be on your weekend’s itinerary. Lady Jay, or Jay Hill, is one of those talents that only true New Yorkers rave about. The understated tech house that she delivers with ease has been showcased from Le Bain to London, Los Angeles to Australia, so she’s not exactly a regular resident on Rivington St. or anything. Her set from the Panther Room is just a sample of her power. Darelectric brings her signature style of minimal techno to Verboten, where it will be totally at home. Her Spring Affair mix is a cool, scintillating affair that will definitely help you smooth out the rest of your Monday. The Dollparts half of whiteowljaguar will have home field advantage here at Verboten and time to cut loose without her WOJ or Disco Fist responsibilities. Teknacolor Ninja is a mid-Atlantic Baroness of Booty bass. Ms. Ninja has dub, ragga, breakbeats & a few other genres on lock, and her setssoundlike what would happen if a rainbow could twerk. REsy needs to get a rewards card or something, because I think I owe her a pitcher of margaritas after blogging about her this often. She’s continuing to be one of the hardest working ladies in the NYC underground, as any attendee of her hip, sexy Thursday night party at Macao (311 Church St. in Tribeca) with DJ Pony, can tell you. illexxandra as a pick up for this event is everything. She’s been on a tear recently, and for good reason. Even if you can’t attend this event, if you’re as big of a fan of illexxandra’s global bass vibe as I am, you can still help her out by donating here Shisaa has been heating up in the last couple of months. She’s one of those DJS that you didn’t see anywhere, and now she’s throwing down at 3 of 6 parties you go to a month. Last but not least in this preview, The Beat Kitty. A little bird told me I may or may not have helped name the enigmatic, yet playful Beat Kitty. I’ve been blogging about her since she was named Orange Krush and I’m so glad to see how she’s refined her sonic palette over the last couple of years. (Update! V, got us a mix that she did just as a preview for this party, so there’s another hour of smooth deep, techy goodness from one of the rising starlets here in NYC. There are officially too many DJs at this party, you lucky ducks.)[FURTHER UPDATE: Mambisa & Ripley got me their Soundclouds as well! Funky electro breaky spirit bass!]  This is going all day, so with hooping in one room, brunch in another, beer & champagne flowing all day, what’s not to like?! I mean, honestly, unless you think it’s about ethics in games journalism, this is going to be an amazing party.

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