Bonnaroo 2014 was one of the safest in the festival’s history

Good job Bonnaroo! Keep the streak alive this weekend EDC Las Vegas. Don’t be the odd festival out with the kids dying. We’re building good momentum & will with the local communities and support structures that allow these events to happen. Everyone keep acting right!

Consequence of Sound

Photo by Ben Kaye

For those worried that the lovely couple who got betrothed at Bonnaroo were tempting thieves with that engagement ring, or that the Bonnagrannies were facing dangerous conditions, fear not; the Times Free Press is reporting that the 13th edition of Bonnaroo was one of the safest ever.

Preliminary numbers from local law enforcement show a general decrease in unlawful activity, and for the first time since 2009, there were no deaths connected to the festival. Really, that positive note right there could end the article, but here are the stats:

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reportedly put in 5,600 combined work hours over six days, during which they investigated 11 vehicular accidents which only resulted in property damage. 17 accidents were reported last year, with one resulting in two fatalities and a handful of serious injuries. The THP also issued 40 moving violations (10 of which were DUIs, 17 for speeding, and 2 for…

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