How to Survive Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas in 50 Mostly Easy Steps

While I won’t be in Vegas this weekend, this list is quite wonderful for all of my peeps that are going to spend 3 days at the speedway enjoying the crap out of themselves.


Even if you’re ready, you’re not ready.

You probably know @AdultRaverProbs from his monthly radio show on DI Radio, #StrippedSounds, or, perhaps you just follow him on twitter and enjoy his taco obsessions. What you might not know is that he is an EDCLV veteran and lives in Las Vegas, which makes him the best person to pen this FestFriday post. Here, he offers his advice for how to best prepare for EDCLV. 

The 2014 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival is mere days away. For three nights, the world’s biggest DJs will perform under the electric sky from dusk til dawn in the city that never sleeps. Festival season is in full swing, but for many ravers, club kids and other assorted dance music lovers, EDC Las Vegas is Super Bowl Sunday, the World Series and the Stanley Cup rolled into one.

EDC Las Vegas is unlike any other festival on…

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