#EDCLV reflections, suggestions, etc. (long read)

This is a long read, but it’s 100% on point when it comes to documenting what most EDM festivals get right and what they get wrong. There’s a lot of work to be done here, and when I said that Ultra Music Festival was charging $5 per bottle of water in 2006, no one believed me. Now it seems like a standard behavior that no one is repulsed by anymore. Funny how that works.


EDCLV (Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas) is a holy pilgrimage for most ravers and club kids that work the festival scene. It is massive with its awe-inspiring lighting design, behemoth stages, and monster sound systems; and, it’s held inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. For 98.9% of attendees, the total experience is life-changing. It’s the missing piece to their summers and the mix of music, lights, friends, vibes, and carnival theatrics completes their very being.

For that other 1.1% of attendees, usually those that have been around a long time, this year’s EDCLV fell short of that magic that Pasquale Rotella + Insomniac pride themselves on being able to create in a seemingly effortless way year after year. Surely most of you will send those of us who have spoken about our experiences passive aggressive wishes of peace and love back to our comments, and some of you will argue…

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