Robin Thicke and the Dynamics of Abuse

Dude…what? Just…Stop man. Please. You got all famous and your wife left you, and now you’re doing an album with tracklist titles that oscillate from semi-not ok to terribly not ok, or, you’re actually just really bad at keeping it in the therapist’s office. I got no problems with public break ups actually. If this album turns out to be the bonanza of evidence for the restraining order it sounds like, perhaps we’ll finally start having that conversation about appropriate dude behavior, as opposed to whether women have to wear beekeeper outfits or not.

The Belle Jar

TW for domestic violence, abuse and rape

Robin Thicke is gross.

I mean, we knew that already, of course.

But today he has somehow managed to surpass his former grossitude and shot up through the I Can’t Even atmosphere and into the Outer Space Repository of Hella Gross Dudes.

But what could possibly have caused this intense leveling-up, you may well ask. How could he have done something worse than penning the summer’s unofficial rape album?

Well, for starters, he announced the release and official track list of his new album, Paula. Paula, by the way, refers to his estranged wife, Paula Patton. She recently left him. This album is his attempt to win her back.

Let’s take a look at the song titles, shall we?
1. “You’re My Fantasy”

2. “Get Her Back”

3. “Still Madly Crazy”

4. “Lock the Door”

5. “Whatever I Want”

6. “Living in…

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