Infected Mushroom’s Erez Doesn’t Need Ableton. He Makes Tracks In DOS.

I’m not sure how to describe the insanity of what you’re seeing, especially if you’re under the age of 20. This is a digital audio workstation, in a non-Windows/OSX environment. Yup kids, this is what they used to look like. Apparently Infected Mushroom posted this file (that works with a program called “Impulse Tracker,” that is probably older than you are) to their site a few years ago. Someone grabbed it, held it, and tossed it into their version of a DOS emulator and the running program. Audio/video capture have allowed us the magic of audio time travel, allowing us to hear what Erez & his friend Jorg sounded like decades ago. It’s a competent, if somewhat overdone Synthy Psy-infused tune that wouldn’t be out of place today. If you’re into this sort of thing, check out this surprisingly excellent cover of deadmau5’s  Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff by OxygenStar. Next time some hipster producer starts talking shit, ask him if he’s produced using this shit. Then smile and nod.

One thought on “Infected Mushroom’s Erez Doesn’t Need Ableton. He Makes Tracks In DOS.

  1. Goodness, I do adore tracker files. There’s still some music being made with them, but largely everyone’s moved on to MP3 and other stuff. I remember the power I felt when connecting over a 14.4k modem and being able to download hours of CD-quality music in a few dozen minutes. This was before MP3 was a thing outside of Fraunhofer, and the only real way of transmitting CD-quality audio was WAV or AIFF at about 10MB/minute of playback. MOD/XM/IT and so forth could pack a 7 minute track with neat effects into less than a half meg!


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