Monday Music: Adam Tell, Jaya Prime, Kove, Kaskade & Pantyraid!


First non-tease warm weekday in NYC brings some bigger, happier, uptempo tunes for you. Carpe that fucking diem y’all!

Can’t say I’ve heard of Adam Tell, but this got recommended, and I’m so glad it was. Strong male vocals & oddly well-produced electro underpinnings give this an almost bohemian vibe. It’s plucky, chippy, almost indie. This fresh sound is what I’m hoping 2016 keeps pushing out, as fusion of genres like this is rare, and needs to happen way more often.

This is an older track, but I have been listening to it on repeat all week. Fusing the Ghost In The Shell theme with Nine Inch Nails, it’s massive, confrontational, heavy & dark. Motivating, while never pulling into abrasive territory. If you ever had a boss battle, or a training montage in Neo-Tokyo, this is the soundtrack to it. It’s one of my all-time favorites, produced by the fallen angel, Jaya Prime. While he no longer mixes/produces after an injury to his ear, his taste remains impeccable & he’s started producing visual art now that his audible art career is over. He releases a playlist of the best tracks of the quarter on his Soundcloud page, and you can bet your ass that’s gonna be my listening for the day.

Regular readers will know my love for Kove goes hard, and this is a great example of why. The D&B turned House sensation, this kaleidoscopic summer tune is deep, with a vintage feel, that wouldn’t feel out of place at Movement. It’s something to wear black to out of doors. Perfect for warehouse parties in Brooklyn and Sunday loft events. Enjoy the shimmering mid-tune build three minutes in, it’s one of the better ones I’ve heard this year.

Martyparty & Ooah don’t come together very often, but I’ve gotta make sure you know when they do. Pantyraid is an old school project showcasing the sexier side of the West Coast bass vibe that The Glitch Mob evolved from. This breezy, meandering bright tune has Bobby Saint hitting all the right notes in the half-R&B, half-bass track. Great tune for letting the coffee sink in. Ooah has always had a personal touch on social media, so definitely give him some love. Another tune from the upcoming pantyraid EP is up as well, and you can pre-order it here.

This is what you’ve been waiting for folks. Kaskade + deadmau5, and it may be so new deadmau5 didn’t even know it was coming out. This track is proof that the two of them could just tour by themselves and instantly sell out any venue in the world. The scintillating production chops we’ve come to expect from the both of them compliment Skylar Grey’s perfect vocals. Atmospheric, progressive, and apparently still a work in progress. If this ever sees festival play, people are going to lose their minds.

Wisdom From deadmau5 (Illustration By DashMagic6)

This really is true. deadmau5 may seem like a hater, but he’s as big a fan of authenticity as anyone out there, and I’ll always give big ups for that. This great little motivational piece from DashMagic6 on Deviant art is amazing and this guy’s work totally deserves your attention. Keep at it y’all.


I Miss Classic deadmau5.

In case you missed it, deadmau5 mentioned someone who let a half-baked old school melody of his drip out onto YouTube. This is one of those tracks that made you fall in love with Joel. The ebb and flow of the synth is irrepressible. A track like this reminds us of what Strobe & I Remember used to do when they hit sets across North America. This is a reminder of an earlier time, one where Big Room wasn’t the unassailable behemoth it is, and Martin Garrix was still in…elementary school? Put this track in your face and let it bring you back to a less ADHD world, i.e. one where Joel isn’t stressed. It’s a great one, and one I’d love to see more often. (via EDMTunes)

Kaskade Is The American Champion Of Modern Dance Music.

(A month or two ago, I was given the honor of writing a long-form article about my favorite homegrown EDM DJ. Kaskade is an American hero. Peep the article and show some love to EDMTunes, who keep letting me yammer on about stuff that I love.)Kaskade - EDM

I was sitting there listening to MIA to LAS (a personal favorite off Kaskade’s Atmosphere), reading about all of his music disappearing from Soundcloud when it struck me. Kaskade is one of the only producers in the industry besides maybe deadmau5 who really gets it.  Soundcloud has been bent over a table by the labels when it comes to takedown notices, even when the original creators (i.e. Kaskade and 50,000 other DJs) want them to be available. While I’ve given it up to deadmau5 here before, I wanted to take time to write a love letter to Kaskade. He, in my mind, embodies the absolute best in American dance music, much more than just being America’s Best DJ (which, he totally won last year if you forgot). Not only has he been innovating both sides of the house coin, progressive & deep, but his embrace of the exploding dance music culture in the USA over the last 5 years deserves massive respect. His recent Redux 2014 tour is astonishing and he’s working on more crazy stuff in addition to ways to get his music to his fans directly.

While he grew up in Chicago, he attended university Utah. He took a break from spinning records to serve two years on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Japan. That’s right, he served as a missionary bringing His word to the people in Japan, before Kaskade was ever a thing. After being inspired by a waterfall, he thought maybe “cascade” sounded good, so he got to work.  In 2003, “It’s You It’s Me” with the debut album pushed out, creating an amazing, smooth sound that was signature then, even though we had no idea how far he’d go. Or perhaps you did, and I tip my hat to you, EDM hipster 😀

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Infected Mushroom’s Erez Doesn’t Need Ableton. He Makes Tracks In DOS.

I’m not sure how to describe the insanity of what you’re seeing, especially if you’re under the age of 20. This is a digital audio workstation, in a non-Windows/OSX environment. Yup kids, this is what they used to look like. Apparently Infected Mushroom posted this file (that works with a program called “Impulse Tracker,” that is probably older than you are) to their site a few years ago. Someone grabbed it, held it, and tossed it into their version of a DOS emulator and the running program. Audio/video capture have allowed us the magic of audio time travel, allowing us to hear what Erez & his friend Jorg sounded like decades ago. It’s a competent, if somewhat overdone Synthy Psy-infused tune that wouldn’t be out of place today. If you’re into this sort of thing, check out this surprisingly excellent cover of deadmau5’s  Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff by OxygenStar. Next time some hipster producer starts talking shit, ask him if he’s produced using this shit. Then smile and nod.

People Are Paying How Much To Book Linkin Park in 2014?

That’s right ladies and gents, 150k+ for Calvin Harris, 150k+ for Bassnectar, 250k+ for deadmau5, 100k for Kaskade and if you have a mental illness and money to burn, you can drop a quarter million dollars to order up a fresh heaping pile of LMFAO. Priceonomics got some info from Degy Entertainment, and apparently, heads are still expensive. More importantly, I want to point out that there are very few electronic artists in the top category. Let this be a reminder to anyone who thinks EDM is killing Pop. Pop thinks you’re cute.


Deadmau5 Trolls Wildztylez In Retailiation For Chord Jack & Revives FuckMyLife

And with that, deadmau5 has returned to soundcloud. EDMTunes reports that after deadmau5 confronted Wildstylez about what he saw to be a clear rip off job, he dove into the studio and produced some blistering hardstyle (below). Moral of the story, don’t piss off Joel.

Deadmau5 Turns His Car Into The Most Expensive Nyan Cat Tribute In The World.

Just when you thought Holden Caulfield…I mean, erm, deadmau5, could get any wackier, EDMTunes reports (with pictures) on the hilarious paint job deadmau5 gave his ride. I wish his Coffee Run series had an external GoPro to record the reactions of people on the street or in cars driving by. For the lulz of course. (via Liz Kate of EDMTunes)

Ookay Trolls LA With An “Old MacDonald” Remix Of Animals By Martin Garrix” For A Full Dancefloor. (Updated: Deadmau5 Trolls Garrix With it On Ultra 2014!)

10/10 Would Troll Again. I can support DJs starting to actively troll dancefloors that expect silly ass moron-breaks like we’ve seen on the Beatport Top 10 the last year or so. Kudos to him. Can’t wait for this to become a thing. (Update: IT’S A THING! deadmau5 dropped the remix on the unsuspecting Ultra crowd after he replaced Avicii on the main stage.) Old McDonald Had A Party!