Midnight Music: Monstercat 17 – Ascension [Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Ambient Sickness]

I have a special place in my heart for Monstercat. I’ve been watching this label grow from the ragtag crew of dedicated producers & DJs for so long now. The label, a full-fledged juggernaut in the dubstep, electro, trap and house spaces, cannot be ignored any longer. The warriors in their stable, Au5, Haywyre, Astronaut, Pegboard Nerds, Fractal, Feint, Mr.FijiWiji (THE FIJ!) and many others. Some are old hats, and others are upstarts, chomping at the bit to disrupt both the kind of music we listen to, and how we listen to it. Their digital distribution has been on point since day one, and their compilations (the newest one listed below) are an obnoxious amount of quality. The tracks are cheap, with the compilations being even cheaper. If you’re into this kinda sound, you won’t find it better than at Monstercat. I’ll start shouting out individual artists when I have time, but for now, just dive in. You’ll find something you like, and if you can’t, just play track 30 and let the illness that is Mr FijiWiji rock your world.


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