Midnight Music: Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix) [Clouds Made Of Bounce]

Well, in light of the Major Lazer remix that came to light yesterday, I just wanted to be THAT guy, and remind everyone about the other remix of Tennis Court. Flume just sold out 3 nights in NYC, and if you don’t have a clear idea why, just put this tune into your ear holes. Flume has production that is unrivaled, with massive remixes hitting and his name climbing the festival bill very quickly. And if this tune doesn’t convince you, check out his remix of Gold by Chet Faker. I swear, the Aussies are combining their powers Power Ranger style. This is some potent, soulful & massive stuff.

5 thoughts on “Midnight Music: Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix) [Clouds Made Of Bounce]

  1. I am only beginning to appreciate this art form. I admit I still am looking for the parameters of assessment. I really enjoy re-cut/altered/mixed film/video and my feelings about the original work aren’t really a factor in that. So I think my issue here is I am not familiar with the original work. Now if it was Chet Baker, we could talk. (No, if it was Chet Baker I’d just be annoyed somebody messed with it) I feel like your blog is a key to a locked door, thanks!

  2. Wow Terry this is EPIC! I absolutely love what was created here! I studied music in college having played the saxophone for many years. I studied jazz, classical, and everything in between. Now I have just started leaning to DJ (spin vinyl) at Scratch DJ Academy in Chicago. It is my goal to actually learn how to produce my own music, like you have shown here. I really feel that MUSIC is MUSIC and it doesn’t matter what form it is in as long as it speaks to you. Very Cool Remix!


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