Flipping The Script: Girl In A Country Song by Maddie & Tae

In amazing news, country music has finally started to let its hair down. Maddie and Tae got my attention over the weekend with this jam of a tune that attacks the idiocy of “bro country.” While I can’t say I ever thought I’d be discussing country on this blog, there you have it. In the same way I wanted to give airtime to the female led punk group JENNCity, I think it’s important to signal boost artists that are fucking with the patriarchy in new & awesome ways. These two are doing so delightfully, as the video shows. I had no idea country had become so ridiculously bro’d out, but it seems it has, with a bunch of the classical instrumentation & focus on guitar skill fading in the face of lift kits, greased hair and misogyny. Amazingly, this hasn’t been embraced by all female artists, with Maggie Rose dropping a “love letter” to bro country. (via Metafilter)

5 thoughts on “Flipping The Script: Girl In A Country Song by Maddie & Tae

  1. Terry, your post highlighted and made aware of what is going on in the world of country music. I have always disliked country music as it was sooooo boring! but having just watched Maddie and Tae I can honesty say it had me smiling and tapping my feet, really loved the song and loved the video with it, pretty funny and entertaining. Like you say Maddie and Tae video was a complete comparison to the Maggie Rose video. I think I definitely would watch Maddie and Tae again as I like their unique individual style, but so much Maggie Rose as its on the boring side 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Maddie & Tae video. I quite enjoy a bit of Country, though don’t know enough to know if it’s all bro-ed out all the time? There’s a bit of that in all genres I’d say. Like the M&T track though, I’ll watch out for them!

  3. Country music is not something that I listen to normally. I hear hear and there as I know people who are big country fans. I loved the switch of male/female roles in the Maddie and Tae video. I love the poking fun but serious context of it. What I really like is that these are young girls saying this. Not “grown-ups” like me but girls in my daughter’s generation that are standing up against the “sex sells” concept of the music industry.

  4. Great idea around the lyrics of that first song. To be honest, I don’t follow country. I had no idea that country had “bro’d-out’ either. Being a musician myself, I am always up for supporting female artists being authentically unique in their genre and standing out in their own right. I am glad to see female artists take a stand and redefine what they imagine their genre to appear.


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