Midnight Music: Vadim Zhukov – Moscow Night [Trance & Breaks]

Gotta give it up to r/Trance, as they’re responsible for introducing me to this Russian hotness. I didn’t know you could combine Breaks & Trance, but it seems if you live in Russia, you totally can. Vadim Zhukov did this like a decade ago, but it’s still jaw-droppingly good. The build that picks up at 3:30 and pushes all the way past 5ish min is pure, classic & hard trance. This old school vibe is something you can’t hear in any Trance on either side of the pond these days. Check out the r/Trance link to listen to the rest of the CD because this dude is freaking talented, and it’s totally not something you’d expect to ever work. I hope Alexander Popox and other Russian trance artists get a listen to this, because 138 trance + breaks would be amazing. Can’t wait to see what those Eastern European kids are going to come up with next!


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