Serj Tankian & Benny Benassi Are Making EDM Now. Fear.

Ok, this is kind of bonkers. Serj Tankian (yes, that one. The one from System of a Down.) and Benny Benassi (of Satisfaction) have teamed up and pushed out a Big Room track. And, like, it’s better than Animals. Serj Tankian absolutely KILLS IT on the vocals. The symphonic preview that I’ve attached above is exactly the direction I want Big Room to move in, even if we’re still the hard electro drop at 2:10 could be a little bit more trance-y if you ask me. Though, I think everything could be a little more trance-y. The tune is a solid banger that I’d probably even post if it didn’t have Serj rocking the vocals, which, is saying quite a bit. This collab is going to be huge, kudos to ULTRA for picking this up and h/t to EDMTunes for the notification.


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