A Mother’s Crusade to Amend the RAVE Act & How You Can Help Make Festivals Safer

This is one of the most important posts about dance, drugs, EDM and harm reduction you’ll ever see. The Festival Lawyer spends time explaining the history (if you don’t know what the “crack house statute” is, get to reading) of the law and how it’s helped to shape the modern EDM/festival era here in the USA. There’s way more info out there, but this needs to be shared widely and read by anyone who cares about dance music or seeing any of their favorite DJs ever again without the insane security/bullshit associated with Electric Zoo this year.



Join The Festival Lawyer, Showbams and a new coalition called Amend The Rave Act (ATRA) to make Festivals safer for everyone.

The “RAVE” Act stands for the “Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act”. It’s a federal law that might win the title for “most misnamed law ever” since instead of reducing young people’s vulnerability to the drug it has greatly increased ecstasy’s danger at festivals and raves.

Through a series of unintended consequences, the RAVE Act has made festivals much more dangerous places than they need to be. This year alone, two people died and about 20 were hospitalized at the Mad Decent Block Party in August in Maryland. There were also drug-related deaths at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and at LA’s Hard Summer festival.

Additional safety measures relating to drug use (also known as “harm reduction measures”) could be taken at a lot of music festivals and…

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