Thomas the Tank Engine & Kanye Mashup Is The Best Thing You’ve Heard All Week.

There’s not much to say about this besides the fact that I think this is the best use of “Bound 2” I’ve seen that doesn’t involve James Franco. I had no idea Thomas The Tank Engine’s theme goes FREAKING PERFECTLY with Kanye. Now I want to hear a series of Tank Engine melodies mashed up with Kanye, Lil Wayne, and vintage DMX. There is an entire world of crazy mashups on Soundcloud, some triumphant, others horrifying. This kind of goofy fun shit is why I love Soundcloud, and why I’m so sad that they’re clamping down, giving up the nest to Universal and generally becoming a pile of un-fun business people. If I wanted that out of a music service, I’d use iTunes. Just kidding, I’d never use iTunes.


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