Broke On Holiday: Halloween 2014

Greetings Gothamites! Halloween, or New Year’s Eve with costumes, is one of the best nights of the year for the city. However, as with all major holidays, the gouge effect when it comes to tickets and drinks is worse than Uber surge pricing. To combat this malarkey, here’s a list of a bunch of free/cheap stuff that’s dope and totally viable. (Disclaimer: To note, no one asked me to post any of these, I just was invited to them by someone trying to make something cool here in NYC. So I give props for that and try to help. Here’s to hoping they succeed. No torches & pitchforks if a warehouse gets busted, there’s a hurricane, or you don’t like the DJ please.)

Thursday Oct. 30th

My boy Compton Timberwolf is holding down one of the rooms at The Bowery Electric Thursday night. I discussed his hip hop this weekend, and I’m sure some kind of awesome things shall be held down. 8 bucks, and if you’re not into it, there are two other parties happening in the spot, 5 bucks and under. Downtown on Devil’s Night for that? Not bad.

REsy, Pony & Adam Jay are dear friends of mine, and no stranger to the struggle that is making something good and keeping it happen. Thursdays at Macao have been my most consistent house related reason to curse work on Friday, but I am probably going to fight up hill and drop by here for at least a little while & grab a bite. Don’t forget to freaking eat party people. No, Guinness is not a meal. Also, free party y’all. Just saying.

DJ$mall ¢hange is an institution in NYC in his own right, bringing the funk, the noise, and sometimes even the ruckus to the floor. He does a dope party called No Parking On The Dancefloor, based on the ancient “move your fucking ass if you’re on the dance floor” scriptures. The focus on flow toys, such as hoops & poi make for a fun place to go especially if you don’t consider vertical humping to be a style of dance. There’s a class at 8, party goes 9-1. 5 bucks for the party, 10 if you want to get your learn on.

I’m listing this one out of equal parts Free Party @ The Bell House on Halloween, and equal parts Meme Costume party. I’m seriously interested in seeing what an entire Bell House filled with bad puns, costumed memes and internet jokes would look like. I think someone should take a bunch of pictures and possibly get me a cab there and back to see what in blazes you’ve brought upon this earth. Event info here for everyone who can’t wait to debut their Doge costume.

Last one for Thursday is an interesting one. The Slipper Room is featuring Kristin Hoffmann. The Burner is putting together a cool event, connecting music with dance by Kaeshi Chai, Irina Akulenko, Troy Stallman (aka Rise of Troy) & Charly Wenzel. The combination between commanding & soulful live vocals and synthetic bass elements is what really gets me here. I encourage people to hit this link to her newest album: The Human Compass: New Directions

Friday Oct. 31st

Rubulad has got you covered when it comes to the old fashioned bonkers Halloween joint. Brooklyn-style, with a whole lot of live music, puppets (yea, sup, puppets) and a bunch of DJ talent that will keep the event going. These things tend to be spectacles of great renown, so if you’ve never experienced a fun, Brooklyn, Halloween party, get over there. 10 before 10, so rock it on the early side if you spent all your cash on taffeta for the costume.

REsy’s getting some friends together for a free event at Macao again. I want to stress. This is a free party, on the island of Manhattan, on Halloween, which is on a Friday. The music could literally be “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for 6 hrs and it would still be packed. Thankfully the music will be quite delightful, with REsy pushing out her signature brand of sexy, bassy house, holding it down with Ben Mono & some special guests.

Saturday, Nov. 1

To recharge your aching body from two nights of dancing, drop by Verboten on Saturday starting at noon to grab some brunch. My boy George Faya will be on the decks and the food is fantastic. Like, rated as best by foodie people in NYC. It’s free all day, and it’s a great place to recouperate before starting in on your night.

Junxion NYC is one of the more adventurous groups here in the Gotham underground. for Dia de Los Muertos, they’re throwing a multipart extravaganza. This is the most expensive event on the list, for the sole reason that you’re getting multiple events. 6 PM to 10 AM, so get your dancing shoes, hit that Red Bull and get someone to walk the dog Sunday, because you’re gonna be in no shape  by the time you get home.

Someone is throwing a party at the Museum of Sex off 5th Avenue. I’m not really sure how else to emphasize this might be worth splurging on, besides reiterating that there’s going to be a 4 floor, full on dance party featuring Whiteowljaguar, The Adversary & REsy (girl’s pulling double duty!) and an orgy of performers, drag stars and fabulousness at the Sex Museum. Get the info here, with tickets, shockingly still available.

Sunday, Nov. 2nd

If you’re still looking for a place to shake your tailfeathers Sunday morning, or you get kicked out of the loft you’ve been partying at since Friday, Carmel Productions has you taken care of. The I Feel NY producers have taken over the DL Rooftop again for a free Brunch right off Delancy with beats and good times. Pony & Roee Carmel have some fun guests coming in, so hit that up, take a load off on their comfy couches, and sip something to ease yourself into Sunday afternoon. No cover, but you have to RSVP so get the info here.

Last, but certainly not least, a great friend teaches a 5Rhythms class every Sunday afternoon. This is a transformational dance class, that is so much more than Zumba or Jazzercise. Lady Amara will take you on a journey through sound & movement. Helping you stretch, become comfortable in your own skin and sweat out some of that tequila you’ve been putting into your face all weekend.

If you’ve made it this far, you rock. See you on the dance floor. This year I’m going as a sketchball that is everything wrong with the scene. If you find me and recognize me, I’ll buy you a drink.


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