EP Of The Week: Allume – 3 [Soulful Vocal Bass]

Allume - 3

This week, I’m really excited by the EP I found digging around on Stoney Roads. The pop vocal + indie bass pairing is something I’ve been going on about for months, and it seems with the Australian summer almost upon us, we’re about to get an earful of that sound. This 3pack by Allume & 3 Aussie producers, by the names of Valleys, Oscilla & Souda, makes for some fun, dance poppy listening. I really do hope this gets the attention of LA talent scouts, because this kind of vibe is totally necessary at bars, clubs & lounges all across the country. Plus I’d say this kind of sound has huge potential for marketing, cinema & television soundtracking.

Valleys mixes in some fun backing to the dance pop that Allume rolls through with, creating an almost indie feel that introduces the concept delightfully. Oscilla keeps the party going at a medium pace, keeping the vocal work and the beat almost restrained, letting the emotion ooze out from it in a masterful way. Control, ft. Souda, finishes out the trio of Allume pairings wonderfully, using a broken beat backing her melancholy vocals, given a vintage feel this time. It ends out the EP in an old school way, making me excited to hear more from everyone associated with this project. Definitely keep an eye on these producers coming in from the land down under. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One thought on “EP Of The Week: Allume – 3 [Soulful Vocal Bass]

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