Midnight Music: Brass Knuckles – Water Gun ft. John Ryan (Popeska Remix) [Indie Electro]

Brass Knuckles - Water Gun Feat. John Ryan (Popeska Remix)This indie dance rework of Water Gun by Popeska is surprisingly euphoric. 30 seconds in, the chords slap you with the chorus pushing back into your awareness. Brass Knuckles provided a wonderful indie track to remix. With John Ryan providing on point vocals & Brass Knuckles pulling into some fun poppy dance, Popeska takes it and runs with it. It’s got a “Bomping it in your Camaro in the sunset” kind of feel to it, and doesn’t really try to get too heady about it. Does what it says on the tin, and I really want Popeska to get that water gun now. Or a platform for more of that smooth electro gorgeousness.  


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