Midnight Music: Royalston – Kronos [Massive Drum & Bass]

Royalston - KronosI don’t know how I missed this. London Elektricity turned me onto this track on his XmasCast so, I’m going to bring you the best bits over the coming week. This one is on the heavier end of D&B, but there’s a smoothness to the vibe while still being an exquisite & driving production. The build into the punchy, vintage sound works flawlessly, and you find yourself solidly in the realm of the camouflage pants & hoodie wearing bassheads. With a dreamy interlude and an even more impressive build, we only get a taste of the 2nd drop before the tune taps out. This is definitely one of the best D&B tunes of 2014 and Royalston, from down under, is not be watched. All they need is a dope remix or a slot at a Hospital Records show, and you’ll be hearing about them. I guarantee it. This Hospital/Med School Records group is going to get in your face soon.


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