Midnight Music: Urbandawn – Words To Say [Drum & Bass]

To keep the week of amazing soulful drum & bass going, Urbandawn pushed out this relaxed, piano-driven tune all the way back in March 2014, but since it’s new to me, you get it now. This is definitely a track I want to hear on positional sound systems. This producer out of Sao Paulo is going to be huge, just you wait and see. He was signed to Hospitality and has put out tracks for Med School before, but this one is really a stand-out. I think this kind of sound should be played in public spaces or in areas where people travel through. I think the use of this kind of chilled vibe for the benefit of all could like, decrease travel stress and aggressive behavior. I know it’s crazy sounding, but tell me you’re not breathing just a touch more slowly after that track. Weird right? 😀


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