Attend: Disorient presents: BIOLUMINESCENCE – Lux Aeterna

It’s finally returned, bigger, longer & with better views of the city! The not-quite-annual, yet much-anticipated BiOLUMiNESCENCE winter boat party is back! This time the boat has been severely upgraded, from the Queen of Hearts (old & busted), to the Hornblower Infinity (new hotness). While the name of the party is best known for being the title of the theme to Requiem For A Dream (yes, that one), it also refers to the Latin idea of “eternal light,” that, especially by late February, we’re all gonna need reminders of. The last time I was on this boat, I was reviewing a DJ Chuckie/Dirty Dutch party. I can safely say that the party will be qualitatively different, on every discernible level. The costumes, the deco, the people, the music, will all be totally different. Hooo boy will the music be different.Oshana’s one of these NYC artists that you forget exists. This mix of global bass, signature vibes and dope transitions through a couple of genres orbiting House is a treat, especially at a DiSORIENT party. Eskuche & Nu Sky bring in this deep house vibe that you usually have to cross the pond to hear properly. As I’m not getting press to Sonar in Barcelona any time soon, this is some of the best deep dopness I’ll be able to find anywhere in the Tri-State area.Lauren Ritter has been making waves for years in NYC as one of the DJs that make Resolute parties the bomb-ass nights they are. I’m so glad DiS picked her up, as I can’t wait to see a room full of burners get down to her sophisticated yet minimal take on deep & tech house. Mysti has been killing it as of late, but I never get a chance to see her, so I’m absolutely not going to miss her set on the boat. She’s been growing as a DJ for years now, with every set better & better. Of course, who can forget whiteowljaguar. One of my favorites, as anyone who has been playing along can tell you, this gig is a fantastic pick up for them. DiSORIENTers will be in for a treat, as a full WOJ set is something to behold. Each of the sets were from previous I FEEL parties too, so you can tell they’re not just showing up out of the blue. These ladies (don’t forget Vigil!) have earned their stripes and deserve your undivided attention.  John Kofi is one of the DiSORIENT beatsmiths on tap, who will be serving up some proper Techno for you, as Techno is back, haven’t you heard? DJ Elixir is teaming up with Stlz from the Space Pirates, but they still don’t have a soundcloud, so I can’t preview them for you (hint, hint). Friar Tuck rounds out the DiSORIENT squad with some infectious beats & impeccable track selection, especially once the party gets going.

This event isn’t cheap, but yacht parties like this don’t come along very often. If you’re into this kind of music and want to see Burners do what they do best, this is not to be missed. Tickets can be purchased here & if you’ve got a hankering to get involved, the volunteer sign-up sheet can always use some love. Get more info on the FB/Event page here of course & if you see me on the dance floor, wish me a happy birthday, I’ll be even older.


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