Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Swolf


1. What is the hip hop scene in VA like? Is it blinged out like some of the bigger regions, or is there a more singular vibe at parties & battles in VA you can’t get anywhere else? To be honest I’m not sure what to think of the hip hop scene here, being from the Northern side I am technically looked at as a “DMV” artist. There’s nothing flashy about it just a lot of talented artist trying to find their identity and I feel as a VA artist we are overlooked in some ways.

2. How did you connect with St. James The Pro to get such top-notch production on the EP? We actually met at a Beat Battle. He was one of the 1st contestants and the 1st beat he played just really caught my attention. I introduced myself after his set and he told me he’s going to New York and that he’ll be back. I thought he was giving me the run-around but about 2 weeks later he hit me up like he said he would, told me he had checked out some of my previous work and was impressed. The rest was history really.

3. Your EP has 8 tracks…does that mean we should expect a super extended LP at some point? Of course, all of that will come in time right now I’m working of a couple different projects and ideas. The next project you can look forward to is from my rap collective FrivGang we’ll be dropping that around the end of spring.

4. You use tons of guest lyricists here, are they all part of your squad or have you been pulling heads from all over for this joint? FrivGang is the squad, FRIVLIFE is the lifestyle. S/O to JSalt, CB Slaya, and Mike Beastly.

5. “3 years hiatus” begins the info on the EP? Anything you want to say about it? Did it change you as a rapper and an American? I literally made that up as I was uploading the New Vegas. It had been 3 years since my previous mixtape. A LOT happened in those 3 years outside of music, a lot of ups and downs but that little brief write up represents my growth and reintroduction to the world. I like to tell people “New Vegas” was just a small piece of what’s in store from the team

6. Do you feel MCs have a place in the EDM explosion we’re currently seeing? Or is it all about back to basics hip hop? Man just make dope music, if it sounds good go with it if it don’t GET IT THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!

7. Where do we go from here? Got any live shows or a tour planned to get people hype about the EP? Still working on some dates but as of right now I can say I will be at SXSW this year and I will be on a pretty big stage but that will be announced in the coming weeks, I will also be participating in this year’s EpicFest down in Richmond.

8. Who were you on when you were coming up? Anyone who helped your sound become what it is today? Besides the heavy hitters rap has seen since 09 I was focused on the local scene. Nobody really helped me on my sound I think that just came from constantly listening to my music. I RARELY listen to myself for enjoyment its mainly to critique myself whether it be the flows, delivery, beat selection, the mix, specific instruments etc…

9. Is there anyone in the game right now that is doing stuff that blows you away? Someone in your crew or across the country? Nah not really and that’s not to take away from whatever it is other artists are doing Im just focus on my team, growing our fanbase organically and traveling the world.

10. Do you feel that hip hop artists have a responsibility to stand with the protesters in Ferguson/around the country, or is that something that you can’t touch at the moment because of the grind? No I don’t believe artist have a responsibility I feel like that’s a personal decision to participate in these protests. If that’s something you want to do then do it but make sure it’s for the right reasons not a publicity stunt.

Bonus: Favorite track or mixtape of 2014? Travis Scott’s “Days before Rodeo” was in heavy rotation.


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