Midnight Music: Anneliese – Singed Spots [Soulful Indie]

This is a wonderful surprise. Anneliese was sent to me by one of my contacts in VA. I’m really happy he did.  Her EP is a great offering from some fresh talent down south & this track is a highlight off the EP. The choices when it comes to the pacing, synth work & a no-nonsense attitude work perfectly. The German native that’s landed in VA seems to have picked up exactly what she needs to. The lyrical work is sophisticated ,but she still has chops where she needs them. Anneliese is already punching above her weight class. Show her some love and tell her Terry sent you.

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Swolf


1. What is the hip hop scene in VA like? Is it blinged out like some of the bigger regions, or is there a more singular vibe at parties & battles in VA you can’t get anywhere else? To be honest I’m not sure what to think of the hip hop scene here, being from the Northern side I am technically looked at as a “DMV” artist. There’s nothing flashy about it just a lot of talented artist trying to find their identity and I feel as a VA artist we are overlooked in some ways.

2. How did you connect with St. James The Pro to get such top-notch production on the EP? We actually met at a Beat Battle. He was one of the 1st contestants and the 1st beat he played just really caught my attention. I introduced myself after his set and he told me he’s going to New York and that he’ll be back. I thought he was giving me the run-around but about 2 weeks later he hit me up like he said he would, told me he had checked out some of my previous work and was impressed. The rest was history really.

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